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Senior League: About Us

History of the Medway Netball League

The Medway Netball League was founded on one evening in 1954 at Cuxton Village Hall by Pam Woolmer.  From that first evening attended by Pam’s friends and neighbours, six teams were formed. The league has grown from those 6 teams in 1954 to 48 adult teams competing across 6 divisions in 2016.  The League marked its 60th anniversary in 2014. Among the celebrations was a junior league tournament and a mixed tournament at its home at Rainham School for Girls, which saw men play alongside women.  The start of the mixed tournament in the afternoon saw all the League life presidents headed by Pam piped onto the courts by Glenduart Pipes and Drums.  They with former committee members then caught up over tea and cakes, sharing photographs and past newspaper cuttings.  We look forward to the next 60 years and being as successful.

The Medway Netball Senior League meets at Rainham School for Girls on week nights throughout a Winter and Competitive Summer Season. There are 5 divisions and a wide range of abilities.

Winter Season

The MNL winter season runs October – March with matches played in a 4 x 10 minute game. Winter league matches are played on either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Summer Season

The MNL summer season runs March – August and is the competitive season. Matches are 4 x 15 minutes and player across Monday – Thursday evenings. Summer league results determine placings for future seasons.

All players that play in the MNL must be affiliated. Umpires must be qualified and different levels may umpire different divisions.

Back to Netball

We run Back to Netball sessions for women looking to re-join netball after a break, whether it’s not having played since school, or a break through injury any ability is welcome. Teams are formed through the Back to Netball scheme and join the MNL league to play matches.

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