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Junior League

A netball league to optimise playing opportunities for girls aged 8-18.

We organise matches for 34 teams in the league, comprising of affiliated England Netball Members. The league also offer umpiring training and coaching opportunities for our junior members. We offer a safe and fun environment for junior members to enjoy netball.


Meet the Committee

STEPH BRIVIO OBE- Chair, Safeguarding Officer

HAZEL SKINNER – Vice -Chair, Secretary, Divisional Representative (Div 4)

ALLISON ALLEN – Treasurer,  Fixtures & Results Secretary, New Player Representative

JILL MCCANDLESS – Umpire Coordinator,  Divisional Representative (Premier)

SHARON SUMMERFIELD – Complaints Secretary,  Divisional Representative (Div 1), Media Rep

TARA ADAMS  – Complaints Secretary, Publicity Representative, Divisional Representative (Div 2)

ISOBEL KYLE- Medway Emeralds Representative, Divisional Representative (Intermediate)

EMILY CLARK – Divisional Representative (Div 3)

The committee are here to answer any questions


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