Medway Emeralds

Under the umbrella of the Medway Netball League, Medway Emeralds has been running for 10 years.

Emeralds League

Starting netball at a young age offers a holistic development experience. It promotes physical fitness, social interaction, teamwork, and important life skills. Additionally, it can set the foundation for a lifelong love of sports and physical activity, contributing to the overall well-being of young individuals.

Emeralds is our version of grassroots netball and we run 3 sessions on a Saturday morning, between 9:00am and 11.30am, in the Howard Boys School sports hall attached to Rainham School for Girls. These sessions cover ages 5 to 11 years and all abilities.

From Emeralds, our young players transition to the Junior League where they will play competitive netball.

For any further information please contact Pauline & Isobel at MJNL

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